Our Story

New Traditons Store was found in 2020 when we saw the glee in our children’s eyes as they stared at the oversized Christmas inflatables displayed during the winter holiday season. We realized how we also grew up always admiring the western holiday season with its beautiful lights and decorations. It was time that the idea of outdoor decoration also became a norm for Muslim holidays. Unable to find quality, affordable, and accessible options, we set out to design sustainable and attractive products which we are proud to share with you.

Muslim holiday inflatables and outdoor decor are a perfect avenue for the young generation growing up in North America to feel connected and excited for Islamic celebrations. Adding a decor aspect to Muslims holidays, we can enhance their spiritual value in the eyes of young ones and create an appealing and inviting experience. 

Over the past years, we have not only evolved as a business, but also formed a strong connection with our community consisting of like-minded Muslims who are passionate to also make Muslim holidays elaborate in the west. Our products are a reflection of those connections as we value every input from our growing community!


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