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'Omar & Laila' Ramadan Inflatable

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'Omar & Laila' Ramadan Inflatable - New Traditions Store
'Omar & Laila' Ramadan Inflatable

Our SimplyBlown™ 'Omar & Laila' inflatable is the perfect greeting inflatable to display on your lawn this Ramadan season. This inflatable especially excites children with the characters' fun personality. The colorful inflatable presents at the bottom add an exceptionally festive touch, it is sure to catch the attention of anyone passing by.

Omar Laila stand 4.5 ft. tall, and have bright LEDs inside which make them glow no matter what.

Our unique design takes less than 30seconds to setup and requires no filling bags with sand or messy water bags.

4 stakes, and 2 ropes are included.

**WARNING: As this inflatable is an outdoor product, some wear and tear may happen over time. To maximize the lifespan of your inflatable, ensure you are using all stakes and ropes provided to secure it in place to prevent flying away. UNPLUG your inflatables when your area is under a weather warning (heavy winds, excessive rain, tornado etc.). Lastly, cover the adaptor area with plastic wrap and duct-tape to prevent moisture accumulation in the unit. 

'Omar & Laila' Ramadan Inflatable - New Traditions Store

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