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Our Jannah Treeᵀᴹ Reusable Wall Decal

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Our Jannah Treeᵀᴹ Reusable Wall Decal - New Traditions Store
Our Jannah Treeᵀᴹ Reusable Wall Decal

Watch your family's Jannah Tree blossom as you fill it up with daily good deed stickers through the days of Ramadan! Our creative good deed tracker has no boundaries, you take the lead! You can choose any of the provided good deeds that fit your family's schedule on a given day. We even provide four blank stickers that you can write own good deeds on for when you may want to do something we missed, or if you want re-do one of them.

Our good deed stickers are structured in four color-coded categories, each selected carefully to help your kids maximize their potential in that area:

1) Learning: Encouraging children to take the time learn small things whether its a few names of Allah (swt), a story of a Sahaba/Sahabiyat, or even just a small Dua. 

2) Family: Teaching children the importance of pitching into the household with help with chores, checking in on far away family, etc.

3) Community: Promoting the idea of being an active member in one's community, this category includes deeds like donating to a local food bank, sharing iftar, etc. 

4) Spirituality: Dhikr is the highlight of this category. Your kids can earn good deed stickers through acts of worship such as staying up for Laylatul-Qadr, praying all their salahs, doing tasbihat, etc. 

Our Jannah Treeᵀᴹ and good deed stickers are Reusable and damage-free! Make sure to hold on to the back-liners for both the poster and the stickers so you can store them away for future use. 

Made with premium-quality fabric vinyl which is durable, long-lasting, and recommended for use on clean and flat walls.

Our Jannah Treeᵀᴹ is teacher, child, and parent-approved!


Our Jannah Treeᵀᴹ Reusable Wall Decal - New Traditions Store

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