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Eid Fiesta Bundle

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Eid Fiesta Bundle - New Traditions Store
Eid Fiesta Bundle

A bundle like never before! Everything you need to make Eid extra festive. This bundle includes 2 best-selling outdoor inflatables, and whole bunch of goodies for indoors &gifting.

1) Reversible Crescent inflatable: Eid Mubarak + Ramadan Mubarak

2) 'JAMAL' the Camel inflatable

3) Color Fiesta DIY balloon garland (100+ balloons, custom foil Eid Mubarak balloons)

4) Tabletop E.I.D marquee letters

5) 2x Eid-POP (ideal for gifting Eid money/ sweets to little ones)

Eid Fiesta Bundle - New Traditions Store

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