Grand 'Dome of the Rock' Inflatable
Grand 'Dome of the Rock' Inflatable
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Grand 'Dome of the Rock' Inflatable

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Bring your celebrations outdoors with our biggest SimplyBlown™ ‘Dome of the Rock’ inspired lawn inflatable. This oversized inflatable not only represents a true symbol, but also sparks curiosity in others to learn about its significance in Islamic history. Our extravagant inflatable will bring the right amount of colour and attraction to your lawn, all while reminding everyone of the forgotten holiness of the Al-Aqsa mosque in reality!

Showcase your Islamic roots this season with our exceptional limited edition design that
stands 6ft tall and 5ft wide with 6 built-in LEDs to make it shine through the night.

**WARNING: As this inflatable is an outdoor product, some wear and tear may happen over time. To maximize the lifespan of your inflatable, ensure you are using all stakes and ropes provided to secure it in place to prevent flying away. UNPLUG your inflatables when your area is under a weather warning (heavy winds, excessive rain, tornado etc.). Lastly, cover the adaptor area with plastic wrap and duct-tape to prevent moisture accumulation in the unit. 

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